Wise Design Approach

With Wise Design, your “wonderful” is waiting for you.

As a luxury interior design firm serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we offer both residential and commercial interior design. In residential design, we specialize in both whole home projects including pre-construction, and also offer single-room and multi-room design.
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Using Wise Design, we identify your unique design cravings, (your Design Fingerprint) and marry them with an innovative design process that leads to spaces that fit you like a glove.

Imagine living in a home or working in a space that makes you feel good every single day! That’s the power of Wise Design: spaces that enhance daily life no matter what you use them for—living, sleeping, working, playing, entertaining—a perfect fit for you.

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Our Design Fingerprint Process

specialty-rooms-2Through years of advocating for her interior design clients, Donna formulated a process to discover your unique Design Fingerprint. Your Design Fingerprint is deeper and more ingrained than any design style you’re drawn to. Design style only scratches the surface when it comes to truly understanding what you love and need in your space. Your Design Fingerprint is like your design DNA. It’s every craving and aversion you have. It’s how you uniquely relate to line, form, color, shape, pattern, space, light, shadow, and more.

Your Design Fingerprint is made up of the mission critical things that live beneath your design style. And it’s the golden nugget that most designers miss.

Our interior design process seamlessly combines savvy design strategy with every client’s unique Design Fingerprint. With Donna’s chameleon-like design ability, wise budget use, and detailed project management, we can…

  • Create authentically beautiful spaces that make daily living a pleasure
  • Correct architectural challenges
  • Enhance spaces and their use
  • Maximize square footage
  • Ease the interior design process for clients
  • Reduce stress
  • Deliver spaces with long-term staying power because they fit like a glove

When you choose Wise Design, great things happen for you & your spaces!