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We take great pride in fulfilling our clients’ dreams of livable luxury. Our goal is to create elegant spaces that are approachable, indulgent, invigorating, and sustaining. Here’s what some of our custom interior design clients have to say:

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From point of contact through finished product, working with Interiors by Donna Hoffman has been a first-rate experience

Meeting with Donna, a top-of-her-field professional in every sense of the word, we immediately felt our ideas had been acknowledged. As the project progressed, it was comforting and exciting to watch Donna and her talented staff never lose sight of the vision we hoped to create within the budget provided. Always responsive by phone and email, the team was quick to answer any questions we had with kindness and expertise. Furniture, fabrics, layout, accessories—Donna knows what works and how to incorporate it into your dream room.
Our beautiful new family room is the showpiece of our house—gorgeous furniture, art, and accessories in the most comfortable arrangement!

We are so pleased with Interiors by Donna Hoffman that we are in the midst of working with Donna and her crew on a new room! 

Mrs. Stephanie S., Lawrenceville, NJ

The design service provided was excellent.  This company treats their clients like gold. Respected the budget and quickly learned who we are and what our eye was drawn to! Fabulously fun to work with them.

Mrs. Tammy S., Yardley, PA

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Lionheart Industrial Group LLC found itself in the midst of several simultaneous transitions. Donna and her team mobilized to drive fresh, innovative design concepts while keeping with our conservative, traditional values as a company. I have long wanted an office that would combine elements from my family history of entrepreneurship in manufacturing, gifts from my world travel, a “cockpit” office and collaboration areas for more causal meetings. IDH literally transformed the space, taking into consideration each executives working style, smartly designed traffic patterns, and utility of collaboration areas which culminated in a world class board room that has garnered glowing compliments from our earliest visitors. I literally love our new offices and look forward to decades of enjoyment.

David S. Bovenizer, Chief Executive Officer | Lionheart Industrial Group LLC | View Project

I cannot begin to thank you for the help you’ve given me!! Our new home looks amazing and we owe a lot of that to you. Your confidence, professionalism and vision made the process fun and exciting. You have such a gift for design.

Mrs. Buffie M., New Hope, PA

Working with Interiors by Donna Hoffman has been a dream. From the outset, Donna sought to understand the individual styles of each my wife and I and where we shared a sense of style. On each project (we have completed several room by room), these core preferences were magically weaved together into a home environment which we literally love. Often we do not want to leave the house!! The team at IDH is best in class responsiveness and has provided the highest level of service we could want while being quite cognizant to our budget goals. If we buy another house, we are bringing IDH along to help us choose which one!!

Mr. David B., Upper Makefield, PA

Interior Design Services

Incorporating Donna’s suggestions, I transformed the room without spending a fortune! Donna listened to what I was trying to accomplish in the room and helped me achieve it quickly and easily.

Dr. Sherri Z., Chalfont, PA

A+. Donna really understood my need/goals. Completely overwhelmed with the end results – just love my new family room. Far surpassed my expectations.

Mrs. Jill G., Yardley, PA

Thank you for the terrific design experience last Tuesday. I actually found the afternoon quite interesting and very productive. To your credit, in a very short period of time, Debbie and I feel you understood our needs and were able to verbalize themes that resonate with Debbie – and as a result established an impressive level of trust and respect.

Mr. Terry T., Yardley, PA

I so appreciated this experience. I have used three designers in the past and nothing was as positive as this one. IDH are real pros, but also approachable, people-oriented and budget conscious. A+. This is the house we imagined but could not have put together ourselves. I don’t think I would change anything. It took a while to understand the process, but Donna is well-organized and she and her staff kept us informed. [Regarding the window treatments], these are masterful.

In gratitude, Mrs. Gail B., Newtown, PA

It was fun to have people over and have them comment on how beautiful the house is – of course, we all knew that already. Great working with you and your team, Donna. You made it easy.

Mr. Paul B., Newtown, PA

Interior Design Services

Both on Monday and Tuesday I could not wait to come home and see the installation of the drapes in the master bedroom and my office. When we walked into our bedroom, it was like walking into a dream world. The room looked fantastic. The fabrics are gorgeous and the workmanship is flawless. I love the custom blinds. With your designing mastermind and [your workshop’s] amazing workmanship….a dangerous combo. No one would be able to resist.

Even though the office is not complete, it looks wonderful already. I can’t wait to see it finished. I sat in my chaise there and enjoyed being in that room for the first time yesterday night. It is amazing how drapery and color can change a room so much. It gives it so much personality!

From our family room, sun room, master bathroom, master bedroom and now office, each drapery is a different style and they are all gorgeous. We are truly thrilled with everything that has been done so far.

Thank you so much for everything. We can’t wait to get the house completed with you.

Mrs. Van B., Upper Makefield, PA


Stephanie S., Lawrenceville, NJ |
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It exceeded our expectations in every way. Donna is the fifth decorator I’ve worked with since I’ve owned a home and she was superior to all. Did not waste time, did not waste money. I keep her cards in my wallet. My house is a showplace–warm, inviting and beautiful, all thanks to Interiors by Donna Hoffman!

Mrs. Kimberly H., Princeton Junction, NJ

Extraordinary results! …a true Cinderella story! The house looks fantastic…awesome job Donna – could not have done it without your professional expertise.

Mrs. Roe D., Berwyn, PA

Interior Design Services

Donna Hoffman is a true professional in her approach to design. She offers guidance not only on the most appropriate design for your home, but what is best suited to your personal style. She incorporates a process in the journey which begins with a self-assessment of your design style about which many of us are clueless! Based on your preference Donna will collaborate with you and develop your plan. She is most efficient in the implementation and delivers according to schedule. She is attentive to budgetary concerns and is very much into client satisfaction. The end result is a confident, satisfied client who learns a lot about personal style and has a gorgeous home!!!

Ms. Suzanne Z., Newtown, PA

Donna is a rare find in the design world. She has a sharp eye for creative and functional design while drilling down to find the option that most improves your daily quality of life, while also respecting your budget and values. She is an excellent project manager and keeps strict to her timeline. Highly recommend!

Mrs. Loretta H., Yardley, PA

We just wrapped up an amazing project with Donna Hoffman and her team at IDH. Their challenge was to bring harmony to our 1st floor open concept living space (family room, kitchen, dining and office). Donna has an incredible eye for design and very quickly understood our different styles, melding them together to create a warm, inviting space that really reflects who we are. The IDH team has a great design process, working together keeping the project organized and moving forward. This is a professional, friendly and high energy team. We would recommend them for any design project.

Ms. Janet H., Langhorne, PA

Kudos to Donna Hoffman and her amazing team. I had the pleasure of working with Donna on our mother’s house. Donna is extremely knowledgeable at what she’s doing. She’s friendly, creative, skilled, and talented. I could go on and on…… Donna’s there from design to installation. Her team transformed our mother’s living room, dining room, kitchen and basement to these incredible spaces. Donna kept me informed with weekly reports via email.

Ms. Tracey C., Croydon, PA

It was a pleasure and dream working with Donna Hoffman and her team of designers!! My husband and I truly appreciated her “wise” approach to design and the design process. Donna transformed our dining room into a warm, inviting, and truly beautiful space. Amazing work and an extremely fun team to work with!

Mrs. Krista M., Furlong, PA

…after you guys left, I stood in the living room just taking it all in. Then I sat down and burst into tears… of happiness of course!!!!! I was overwhelmed. The room looks so, so beautiful….and SO much bigger….and SO much more polished. I just LOVE it. It is truly the very first time I started to feel more at home in this crazy old home.

Donna, you nailed it. I feel like it is a true representation of my style. I don’t know how you do what you do but I know one thing: I can’t do it myself. And I can’t thank you enough. Nor can I thank Sandy enough for putting up with my many questions and emails or being so organized and together. And funny….really, really funny. And Katie for your follow-up, and helping hand all over our project.

From the bottom of our hearts….we thank you and we so appreciate having the opportunity to work with you.

Amy D., Yardley, PA

My wife and I have used Donna and her team over the past three years for a number of rooms in our house. They have always been great to work with, very client oriented and they provide exceptional guidance throughout the process. In addition to their wonderful input and guidance during the process, their follow up afterwards is really exceptional.

We are glad to have had the opportunity to work with Donna and her team.

Mr. Tony M., New Hope, PA

IDH worked their magic on our living room and bedroom – and we are so happy with the outcome! Our living room looks so much more open and bright – and much more spacious! Knowing I like color, Donna was excellent at selecting fabrics that were fun but still casually elegant – she got our style exactly!

Another thing I really appreciated is that IDH was very open to using some of our existing pieces while also recommending new pieces that are much better proportioned for the space. It’s a perfect blend of old and new! They did window coverings in three rooms which turned out gorgeous and a space plan for a library which we’ll complete in the future. IDH also kept a very keen eye on the budget, guiding our choices to make sure we remained in line, and being careful to let us know if we were starting to stray!

Overall, I highly recommend IDH. Whether you are like us – moving into a new space with a lot of existing pieces OR you are starting from scratch, IDH will do a great job!

Mrs. Amy D., Yardley, PA