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After years of creating award-winning designs and consistently hearing fantastic feedback from satisfied Client-Couples, Donna Hoffman realized that her interior design process was unique and especially effective for couples. Her carefully formulated process helps couples like you find common ground (the elements of design you both love) while making both halves of a couple feel at ease and heard. The results are authentically beautiful spaces you both love.

What Men Need

All men are different and have different needs when it comes to a design project. While there are exceptions, many men tend to focus on the bottom line and respond well to concrete plans and budgets. Our exceptional attention to detail, itemized budgets, efficient project management, and a process that identifies both his and her design fingerprints makes IDH the perfect fit! It’s easy to enjoy the entire design process knowing that your time and resources are being respected and maximized. Whether you want to be on the creative team or just the budget side, we get it. We know how to take care of you.

What Women Need

All women are perfectly unique and have unique needs when it comes to a design project. While this isn’t always the case, women are often the more emotionally intuitive gender and are undeniably sensitive to their surroundings. When you take the brave plunge into a design project, the hope of an authentically beautiful interior is at the top of your mind. Our keen attention to aesthetic details, excellent communication and design problem-solving skills, and our understanding of how to implement your design cravings makes IDH the perfect fit! We understand what you need! We will take great care of you.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

The beautiful home you will both love to live in is within reach and without stress. Let’s set up a call to review your project and get you started on the road to stress-free interior design for couples!

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