We understand that interior design is a daunting task for most people, and with good reason. Design is a complex and detailed undertaking. Our dedicated team takes a highly creative process and makes it manageable, organized, and easier for you.

Here’s what to expect when engaging IDH.
Our clear processes will:

  • Streamline efficiency
  • Support easier decision making
  • Maximize time, budget, and resources
  • Keep your project running as smoothly as possible toward your desired finish line

Our Step-By-Step Process

  1. Initial Meetings, Discovery, & Site Conditions

    In our initial meeting, we will discuss the details of your project, timelines, and our process. We’ll also answer your design questions and provide general budget guidance. This is the time to show us any inspiration photos you have. After we receive your signed agreement paperwork, we will perform a site evaluation, measure, and take photos. Our team begins developing ideas, and we review architectural plans if applicable.

  2. Developing Your Design

    Wise Design means adhering to excellent strategies and processes. In this phase, we begin by creating optimized space plans for furniture layout. Once you approve your plans, we move into line-item budget creation. It’s important to us that you feel in control of your project, and thorough budget reviews help you maximize your investment. With your budget approved, we can move into Creative Development where we actually develop your full design. We will also meet with builders and architects to review plans if applicable in your project. We can also help you source and vet builders and architects.

  3. Sourcing, Selection, & Procurement

    In this phase, we strategically curate a combination of items that will bring us to the wonderful result we’re after. The realm of to-the-trade goods opens a magical world of excellently made furnishings that you simply cannot find in a store or catalog.

    We work with vendors who excel in client service and product quality, and who offer a vast range of customization in fabrics, finishes, color, and silhouettes. We will respectfully select ideal resources based on your project and budget goals. Thanks to our ideal Bucks County location, we can take you to the design centers in Philadelphia or NYC, or if you prefer, we can bring selections to you instead. Elements include:

    Callout image

    An Authentically Beautiful Home You LOVE Coming Home To!

    • Materials, fabrics, colors, flooring, & finishes
    • Lighting
    • Plumbing Fixtures
    • Hardware & furniture
    • Media/audio visual
    • Millwork & cabinetry
    • Window treatments, bedding, accent pillows, & reupholstery
    • Accessories, art, framing, & reframing

    Not all items above may be applicable to your project. Some clients wish to have selections presented to them, others wish to visit show rooms with us, and some prefer a combination.

  4. Finalizing the Design

    Together, we finalize the selection of materials presented to you for your project.

  5. Project Construction (if applicable to your project)

    The builders are ready to begin, or have already begun during the Finalize Design stage.

  6. Procurement

    We order materials and furnishings. This entails little at your end, but a great deal of paperwork, coordination, management, and project expedition by our office.

  7. Delivery and Installation of Furnishings & Materials

    Most clients wish to have items for their space installed at once, because the effect is tremendously exciting and powerful as opposed to installing items one at a time. With all your beautiful furnishings and window treatments installed, we can begin styling your accessories and artwork. We can also help you find items in addition to the things you already own. The most beautiful results happen when clients allow us to complete their projects down to the last accessory detail.

  8. Project Completion: Walk through with Punch List

    We will address final items, and the project is completed! You are loving and living in your newly completed space. The fairy tale ends with your sign-off on the completion of the project.

Are We a perfect fit for You? Let’s find out!


How do you charge for your services?

We can work with you in 1 of 2 ways. One option is for us to create a Value Based Fixed Project Fee which will include all of your design service. This is a bigger commitment to our company, but comes with the added benefit of deeper value purchasing. The other option is for us to work with you hourly for your design service. Working in this manner, to help you offset your design fees, you’ll enjoy Value Purchasing where you can purchase items from us with a percentage off retail. We’re glad to give you the choice; either way is fine with us.

Will you do a paint consult or help me purchase a new sofa only?

Our design process does not lend itself to partial design. We find clients are most thrilled with their results when we design full room (or multi-room) projects for them. Working in a more piece-meal fashion, for example doing only paint consultations or looking for a single item can be frustrating. If the preceding decisions made in your home are counter intuitive to the result you are after, even a great paint plan or a great new sofa can’t fix previous missteps.

Do you work with Do It Yourselfers?

We LOOOVE Do it Yourselfers, however, we do not find that DIY’ers and Designers make for good marriages…unless an actual clergyman is involved, of course! If you’re a DIY’er, you may be better suited to a design consultant, not a full service design group.

Do you offer free consultations?

Regrettably, due to the demand for our time, we do not offer no-fee design services. However, you may set up a phone or Skype interview with us at no fee (we are delighted to meet you!). Design meetings in your home are full working design sessions and provide you with actionable takeaways and deliverables. Call 215-736-8693 to set up a phone or Skype meeting.

Can we reuse any of my existing furnishings?

Of course we are glad to incorporate into your project the furnishings you already own and treasure. Provided that they are in good condition and are of the right size for your project, they will work wonderfully. If they are not, we can help clients to repurpose items by reupholstering or refinishing them if doing so makes them work for your new project goals. Wisely incorporating what you already own is part of the joy and responsibility of Wise Design.

Do you work weekends and evenings?

We do all we can to accommodate our clients’ busy schedules. Because like you, our design team also has family obligations, we do not work weekends or evenings. That said, to accommodate our clients, we are glad to meet with you in the early morning before work, at your office, via Skype, or via on-line meetings during your lunch hour. On a project by project basis, we can make the occasional exception for a weekend or weeknight appointment, however this is at Designer discretion and is billed at a higher rate.

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